a story of passion and heart

Tailer Studio was born from the passion and professionalism of a team that has grown together, we share the same love for photography and creativity. The eldest founder, Luca, professional photographer since 2001, was inspired by Alessio's and Mattia's after meeting in 2009 and decided to pass on his experience to the young team.Thanks to their skills and the fertile environment, Alessio and Mattia have quickly grown as professionals, contributing to the birth of today's Tailer studio. Alessio takes and coordinates most of the projects that are commissioned the studio. Luca is in charge of relations with customers and takes care of the artistic direction of projects. Rounding out the team is Mattia, following all shooting stages as digital and as picture's editing director. Last but not least, Tommaso first assistant of studio. Since 2014, Luca, Alessio and Mattia, are business partners in Tailer Studio..